• a salad in a red container
  • a sandwich with meat and tomatoes

About us

The Beginning of Me

Mom accidentally laid my egg in a stork nest. She was near-sighted. She thought the nest was hers.

Compared to my egg-mates, I was short. My beak was stubby. Legs, too. I thought I was a late-bloomer. 

I made up for my differences with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. When our family business was revealed - baby delivery - I was the first to volunteer. I was born for service. 

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get a baby off the ground. I couldn’t complete a delivery. I was grounded.  

After a tearful goodbye to my stork family, I hitched a ride on a freighter bound for Port Washington, Wisconsin. It was there that I discovered my true identity: Sammy Seagull. And my true calling - sub sammies, fresh and tasty for sandwich epicureans bound for adventure. 

I am Sammy, I am here to serve.